Ptolus Four By Four

“I think I have a secret, an important one. I can’t say what it is yet. I’m not trying to be coy; I don’t know it myself. But I have it inside me. And it’s something that demons and devils and gods and angels can’t know. I think they all want to end the world, and it doesn’t have to end.”

To understand Ptolus, download the free Ptolus Player’s Guide – that gives you the setting far better than I could describe it here. I am slowly building a wiki for more information about Ptolus (but moreso about this campaign), but I want to be sensitive to not copying much-if-any copyrighted material here. (You can purchase Ptolus here; it’s in my opinion one of the best sourcebooks for any roleplaying game ever made, and well worth the sixty bucks for the pdf if you’re interested either in worldbuilding in general or in GMing a high-powered medieval city campaign._)

My four players each play two characters, who are each involved in two of the four major plotlines of the campaign; hence four plotlines, each with four primary characters; for each plotline each player has one character; but as the characters all know one another, for major adventures or significant milestone events they may all be involved together.

I plan to be deeply indebted to archonshiva’s Spire, Orangutank’s Slaking the Gamecock, to Bryan’s City By The Spire and CSDavis’s TheSpire (both right here on obsidianportal), and of course Monte Cook for making their campaign journals public; I intend to steal extensively from each (which of course implies that my players are asked not to read them yet).

Ptolus - Four By Four

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