Erynn Galanodel

Shoal (?) Elf Rogue


Erynn Galanodel is the child of Djo Shadowhawk-Silvertree and the youngest grandchild of Bearkiller and Merida Shadowhawk, respectable elderly elves who live in a grand Tower Road estate in Oldtown, overlooking the King’s River Gorge. Erynn’s father, Tomas, disappeared shortly after he was born – and some particulars of Erynn’s bearing and hair suggest he may not have been Shoal; Djo has never said, but Erynn thinks there may have been Harrow, or even Drow, blood in the elf who fathered him.

His mother has remarried, and Erynn so dislikes his stepfather that he left home as the elf equivalent of a young teen; after some rough years in the Warrens and Docks, Erynn auditioned to join the Longfingers – but on his first audition for the job, he was caught by Rufus, a young dwarf training for the City Watch, who against all odds decided this fellow youth could be redeemed.

At Rufus’ urging Erynn looked up his mother’s siblings, and found that two of his own cousins had married humans a few decades before; each had a child – Remy Namion and Gweneth Shadowhawk – now close to twenty years old and restlessly ready to see what adventures Ptolus had to offer.

Rufus, and his partners in the Watch, regularly ask Erynn to help him when he finds people in the course of his Watch duties who need assistance that is beyond his purview to provide while in uniform; Erynn also has made friends with, and done jobs for, several of the good people at the Jodan Templehall in Oldtown, where he is welcomed even though he can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Erynn and Rufus share an apartment in Midtown, near Ash and Old Mare streets, just south of the Mane; Erynn has begun to suspect some hinky goings-on among his neighbors.

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Erynn Galanodel

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